Each operational plan objective is measurable. The County Administrative Office, in collaboration with Information Services, has created a website to track County progress on objectives. Progress reports will be made semi-annually in January and June.

Each objective appears on a card that shows whether the objective is complete (green) or in progress (yellow). Clicking on the objective opens an expanded window that displays additional objective information including the complete objective text, key steps and detailed information about the target.


The website www.sccvision.us was established during the County’s strategic planning process. The site will now be the home of the following initiatives:

  • Operational Plan
  • Community Indicators
  • Performance Measurement

In addition to tracking progress on operational plan objectives, the County will feature results from its performance measurement pilot project, as well as its continuous process improvement program.

Finally, the new community indicator section will show progress towards meeting strategic plan goals, aligned with CORE Investments, and linking to DataShare SCC, a new community tool to house and display data.

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