The operational plan adds countywide strategies, department objectives and key steps for achieving the 24 strategic plan goals. These elements are:

  • Countywide Strategies – Approaches for achieving strategic plan goals.
  • Department Objectives – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) actions that work towards strategic plan goals and countywide strategies.
  • Key Steps – Activities or steps necessary to achieve each department objective.

The diagram below shows the hierarchy of strategic plan and operational plan elements. The strategic plan is the County’s north star, a long-term vision for what the County wants to achieve.

The operational plan is a concrete, two-year plan that details the County’s first step in achieving its vision. Countywide strategies indicate what we will do to achieve County goals, while department objectives and key steps say how this will be done. Objectives may appear under multiple strategies, as many objectives work towards multiple County goals.

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