Temporary Housing Permits


Meeting Housing Needs During Disaster Recovery

While you rebuild, you may consider temporary housing in an RV or other temporary accommodation either on or off site of your property. You can apply for a Temporary Housing Permit at any point throughout the rebuilding process.

About Temporary Housing Permits

Occupying recreational vehicles (RVs) and other types of temporary structures or accommodations is allowed with approval of an administrative Temporary Housing Permit (THP) issued by the County Planning Department. THPs are availble only for property owners and tenants who were displaced by the fire, excluding new property owners. 

THPs may be issued for:

  1. Previously legally developed sites in the burn area that were damaged by the fire.
  2. Legally developed sites that are not in the burn area when the temporary accommodation houses people who were displaced by fire.

The THP can be issued after an expedited review. Temporary accommodations approved through a THP are not required to meet all current standards that apply to permanent uses or structures. This approach can support temporary or phased occupancy while rebuilding.

A THP may not be issued for a vacant parcel or a parcel that was developed without permits, inside or outside the burn area.

Temporary Housing Permit – Basic Requirements

  • There must be a legal residence on the parcel, or the residence that was destroyed must have been built with a permit; and
  • There must be an approved source of water, a sewage disposal system and electricity.

Note: Temporary housing can be authorized by County Planning Department staff only after required Environmental Health and Geologic Hazard safety clearances for temporary housing have been obtained.

Start the process for a THP by reviewing and completing the Temporary Housing Package.

Questions about the process or need assistance getting started? Contact the Recovery Permit Center team.

Limited Temporary Housing Permit – an alternative option when geologic hazards may affect the temporary building site

If your temporary geologic hazard clearance came back with the result that a geologic report or Geologic Hazard Assessment is required before a temporary permit can be issued, you may have the option to receive a limited temporary housing permit without completing the report. Please review the FAQ here, and contact the Recovery Permit Center for more information by email RPC@santacruzcountyca.gov,  phone 831-454-5323, or Make an appointment today. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-Noon and 1-5pm. 

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