Step 7: Building Plan Review and Approval Process


Nice work! You have done your due diligence and your new home plans are now with the Recovery Permit Center pending approval. To check in on your review process call the RPC at 831.454.5323. The expected time for first review is seven business days. The expected time for review of re-submitted plans is five business days.

PROCESS RPC staff will review your plans for compliance with all local, state, and federal codes.

  • Heads up! Some requirements, including residential fire sprinklers and truss calculations, may be listed as a deferred submittal and will be reviewed later. However, we encourage complete submittals instead of deferred submittals as deferred submittals may slow down the permitting process. In other words, it’s recommended to submit ALL requirements at once, if possible, to increase the speed of a permit being issued.
  • Heads up! Solar is currently required by the California Energy Code. The solar information can be a deferred submittal. The energy calculations will need to account for solar credit.
  • Heads up! There is something called a green-line comments process. This allows plan examiners to insert conventional or minor comments on the plans to expedite the review process. Some comments may require correction or clarification by the design professional before permits can be issued. Some items will be able to be resolved at the counter or specified on the plan as a deferred submittal. Be sure to follow through on these comments with your design professional.
  • Heads up! The California Building Code (CBC) requires special inspections for certain structural components and foundation installation. A certified special inspector (typically a civil engineer) hired by the applicant is required to perform these inspections. Consult with your design professional to identify your needs and retain special inspection services early to avoid construction delays.