Step 2: Start Contacting Your Rebuild Consultants

Nearly 1,000 structures were damaged by the CZU Fire, so consultants that will be necessary to help you prepare plans are reports are going to be very busy. It’s best to engage with consultants early to get on their schedule.

Required consultants in order to obtain a building permit are listed below:

Architect or Building Designer
A licensed architect or unlicensed building designer can be used to design your house plans. They typically take the lead in overseeing the project and help you through the rebuilding process.

Geotechnical (Soils) Engineer
The building code requires a geotechnical (soils) report to be submitted with your building permit application. Note that a geotechnical (soils) engineer is not the same as a geologist. A list of local geotechnical (soils) engineers is available here.

Structural Engineer
A structural engineer will be required to prepare structural calculations for your structure. Talk to your architect or building designer to see if they work closely with a certain structural engineer.

Energy (Title -24) Consultant
Energy Consultants are required to show that your house meets required energy standards per the building code. Talk to your architect or building designer to see if they work closely with a certain energy consultant.

Sometimes, the following consultants may be required in addition to those listed above:

Potential geologic hazards will be evaluated during Step 4 (Pre-Clearance). Once the geologic pre-clearance is completed by the County, you will know if further geologic investigation by a consultant geologist will be needed. Please note that even if the County does not require a geologic report, your geotechnical (soils) engineer may require input from a geologist, so ask your geotechnical (soils) engineer early in the process if they will require a geologist’s input. A list of local engineering geologic consultants is available on the County's website here

Civil Engineer
Civil Engineers are usually needed when your site involves grading, new driveways or complicated drainage facilities. Check with your architect or building designer to see if they think a civil engineer will be required and if they work close with a certain civil engineer. A list of local civil engineering consultants is available here.