I am pleased to present the Fiscal Year 2024-25 Proposed Budget. The Proposed Budget makes prudent investments in Board priorities and follows sound financial practices allowing us to maintain the County’s reserves and excellent bond rating. These fiscally responsible practices have served us well and will help the County to navigate the fiscal challenges we face in the coming years.

Carlos J. Palacios
County Administrative Officer

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Economic Outlook

The largest risk to global security, stability, and economic outlook is the 2024 US presidential election. A Republican victory could result in punitive policies for California’s most vulnerable residents, while our most privileged continue to deploy artificial intelligence. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to grow, and inflation has subsided. Locally, an aging population results in a smaller workforce, median income continues to increase, but new housing policies will not produce enough units this year to reduce overall housing burden.

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Budget Summary

The $1.126 billion Proposed Budget includes a balanced $754.2 million General Fund that prioritizes sustaining existing commitments and capacity. The County faces significant financial constraints due to unreimbursed disaster costs and ongoing challenges with infrastructure repair and recovery.

The budget continues prudent financial practices, maintaining reserves at a 10.5% funded level and reflecting the County's commitment to fiscal stability, but concerns remain about the adequacy of reserves for future climate emergencies and economic downturns.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

We all pay taxes that support local public institutions and infrastructure. Use the infographic below to learn more about how your tax dollars support the County and other government agencies.

Budget Policies & Resources

The fine print of the County Budget, these policies and documents ensure transparency and accountability in the use of public funds.