Commissions, Committees & Advisory Bodies


This page last updated: August 11, 2023

Shown below are currently vacant seats on Santa Cruz County Commissions, Committees and Advisory Bodies. Vacant seats are filled via appointment by the Board of Supervisors. Please note that you may apply for appointment to any County advisory body at any time, whether or not there are current vacancies.

If you are interested in serving on a County Advisory body, click on the Apply Now button above and specify the Commission, Committee or Board to which you are seeking appointment and provide the requested information. Please note that some Commissions, Committees and Boards have specific categories of representation. For information on current vacancies and categories of representation, please visit the Vacancies page or call the Clerk of the Board's Office at 454-2323.

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At - Large Vacancies

Any member of the Board can nominate an appointee to fill an At-Large seat. In addition, some appointees are required to represent particular groups and/or interests (see “Special Qualifications” below).

 Assessment Appeals Board 1

1 – Alternate Member

 Childhood Advisory Council 7

2 – Representing Consumers (Category 1)

2 – Representing Child Care Providers (Category 2)

2 - Representing Public Agencies (Category 3)

1 – Representing Community Members (Category 4)

 Emergency Management Council 1

1 - Rep. Local Emergency Communications Committee for Monterey Bay (EAS)

 Emergency Medical Care Commission 2

1 – Representative of Consumers

1 – Field Care Representative

 Hazardous Materials Advisory Commission 3

1 – Representative of Fire Protection

1 – Representative of Labor

1 – City of Capitola

 In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Commission 1

1 – Rep. of County Advisory Body or County Staff

 Integrated Waste Management Local Task Force 2

1 – Regular Member

1 – Alternate Member

 Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Commission 3

2 – Youth Representative

1 – Adult Representative

 Latino Affairs Commission 2

1 – Representative of City of Santa Cruz

1 – Representative of City of Watsonville

 Santa Cruz-Monterey-Merced-San Benito-Mariposa Managed Medical Care Commission 1

1 – Representative of health care provider

 Syringe Services Program Advisory Commission 1 1 – At-Large Member
 Workforce Development Board 3

1 – At-Large Member (Board of Supervisors)

1 – At-Large Member (Local Business Representative)

1 – At-Large Member (Labor Organization or Apprenticeship Program)

A different application is required for the Workforce Development Board.  This application is available by calling 454-4584.

District Vacancies

An Individual Supervisor nominates appointees, usually residents of his or her supervisorial district, to fill a vacant seat for his or her district. In addition, some appointees are required to represent particular groups and/or interests (see “Special Qualifications” below).

District 1 - Supervisor Manu Koenig

Substance Use Disorder Services Commission 1  
Emergency Medical Care Commission 1  
Historic Resources Commission 1  


District 2 - Supervisor Zach Friend

No Vacancies    


District 3 - Supervisor Justin Cummings

 Arts Commission 1  
 Emergency Management Council 1  
 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 1  
 First Five Commission 1  
 Housing Advisory Commission 1  
 Human Services Commission 2  
 Seniors Commission 1  
 Substance Use Disorder Services Commission 1  
 Women’s Commission 1  


District 4 - Supervisor Felipe Hernandez

 Commission on Disabilities 1  
 Emergency Medical Care Commission 1  
 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission 1  
 Substance Use Disorder Commission 1  


District 5 - Supervisor Bruce McPherson

Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Commission 1  
Mental Health Advisory Commission 1  
Women’s Commission 1