Commission on the Environment

The Santa Cruz County Commission on the Environment acts as an advisory body to, and resource for, the County Board of Supervisors. The Commission is charged with recommending policies and action programs designed to improve and protect the environment. In accordance with its purpose as presented in Chapter 2.54.050 of the County Code, the Commission shall:

  1. Advise the Board of Supervisors and make recommendations on ways to improve and protect the environment to ensure the long term environmental sustainability of the County;
  2. Advise the Board of Supervisors and work with other commissions in reviewing the updating County policies to provide a comprehensive course of action to support these goals in both the public and private spheres;
  3. Serve as an information clearing house to the Board of Supervisors and other county commission about proposed and pending legislation, both state and federal, which may impact the environment;
  4. Advise the Board of Supervisors on potential areas of cooperation with other public and private agencies and organizations to plan and implement effective environmental policies in Santa Cruz County; and
  5. Exercise any other responsibilities that may be set forth in the commission’s bylaws, or may be directed by the Board of Supervisors.


Regular meetings of the Commission on the Environment are held 6 (six) times per year, starting at 5:00 p.m. in the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors Chambers, 5th Floor, Governmental Center, 701 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, California


The Commission on the Environment is composed of ten members, two members representing each supervisorial district. Members are appointed by their district's respective Supervisor.

The current Commission membership is:

Tracey Weiss
District 1 - Supervisor Manu Koenig
Lisa Wooninck
John Hunt
District 2 - Supervisor Zach Friend
Marina Ramon, Vice Chair
Judit Camacho
District 3 - Supervisor Justin Cummings
Bob Culbertson
Maria Perez
District 4 - Supervisor Felipe Hernandez
Kris Damhorst, Chair
Gine Johnson
District 5 - Supervisor Bruce McPherson