Estates of Deceased

Known Missing Heirs

Pursuant to California Probate Code 7643, monies are deposited with the Treasurer's office by the Public Administrator, or other representative of an estate who delivers a Court Order directing the funds to the Treasurer's office, when the identified heirs or beneficiaries cannot be located. If you have a valid claim for a Known Missing Heir, you may claim those funds by submitting a certified copy of the court order for distribution of the estate to the following address:

Santa Cruz County Treasurer's Office
Attn: Estates of Deceased
701 Ocean Street, Room 100
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Pursuant to California Civil Code of Procedure 1444, if the funds remain unclaimed, after one year of the deposit with the County Treasury, the funds will be transferred to the California State Controller's Office along with the semi-annual Report of Estates of Deceased Persons' Report of Cash and Personal Property, Absent Heirs or Claimants (Form UPD-221.) If after five years these funds remain unclaimed, and pursuant to California Probate Code 7644(b), these funds may revert to State of California. To claim funds that have been transferred to the custody of the California State Controller's Office, please contact them at the following address:

State Controller's Office
Unclaimed Property Division
P.O. Box 942850
Sacramento, CA 94250-5873

SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT TO THE CALIFORNIA STATE CONTROLLER'S OFFICE - To view the last four reports (UPD-221) sent to the State Controller's office, please click the appropriate report below:

To obtain inform information on other Unclaimed Property, please click here