About Us

Mission Statement

To facilitate transparent and equitable access to County of Santa Cruz governmental processes by integratiing technology for excellent customer service that is data-driven, efficient and responsive.

Clerk of the Board Staff:

Juliette Rezzato, Chief Deputy Clerk of the Board

Elizabeth Padilla, Sr. Departmental Administrative Analyst

Lisa Ledwith, Departmental Administrative Analyst

Helen Bayly, Administrative Aide

Lori Welch-Bettencourt, Administrative Aide

Physical and Mailing Address:

701 Ocean Street, Room 520, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Phone: (831) 454-2323

Fax: (831) 454-2327

E-mail: COBStaff@santacruzcountyca.gov

The Clerk of the Board is a division of the County Administrative Office. The Clerk of the Board’s principal responsibilities are to maintain the record of the proceedings of the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and prepare the agenda for the BOS public meetings, including publishing the agenda materials and minutes on the Internet. The office is also clerk to the Assessment Appeals Board and Library Financing Authority. The Clerk of the Board maintains the county’s online version of the County Code, Local Appointments List and Vacancy Notices for County Commissions, Committees and Advisory Bodies.

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