2018 Employee Recognition Awards - Land Use & Regulatory

GOLD - Amanda Poulsen, Agricultural Commissioner's Office

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Amanda is a truly exceptional employee who is highly engaged and may be found helping with and problem solving any issue in the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office. Anticipating the arrival of an invasive mosquito species, she applied for and successfully received a grant from the Center for Disease Control, which funded seasonal employees to perform surveillance. Amanda also orchestrated the design and execution of protocol for mosquito and tick surveillance and trapping, and developed much of the visual information for the Agricultural Commissioner’s Earth Day booth, which won Best Commercial Booth. Amanda epitomizes the spirit of County Operational Excellence and Continuous Process Improvement through her motivational approaches, her adoption of innovative technologies and strategies, and her eagerness to move her division toward operational excellence and improved customer service.

SILVER - Marty Heaney of the Planning Department
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Marty is an innovative and dedicated employee who envisioned, planned and created a comprehensive Safe Structures Program for existing unpermitted structures to ensure they are safe, healthy and habitable. Prior to establishment of the program, many homeowners were prohibited from obtaining County permits for maintenance and upgrades, and were unable to obtain financing through conventional institutions. Marty worked to ensure that residents would be able to complete work or obtain required permits in order to apply for financing. Marty helped to protect 19 homes from the hazards associated with improper construction techniques or unsafe living conditions, and several dozen additional homes are currently pending approval through the program. Due to Marty’s direct involvement, residents were not displaced from their homes and no longer live in unsafe living.




BRONZE - Michael Sotero of the Planning Department
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Michael has embraced and implemented new technology to improve the permit review process in the Planning Department. During 2018, Michael revamped and expanded the electronic plan check process. Previously, paper plans were required for all permits, which wasted paper, created manual document control, and added considerable costs to applicants. The electronic plan check process that Michael developed has addressed these issues while also increasing collaboration among reviewers. Additionally, Michael developed website materials, user manuals, and how-to videos. He has really gone out of his way to assist the public with questions regarding electronic plan check.