Employee Recognition Awards - 2018

The employees listed below were selected for their personal achievements in 2018.

  Bronze Silver Gold

Thomas Salem, Human Services Department

Emily Simoni, Human Services Department

Jessica Scheiner, Human Services Department

  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by members of the Jail Behavioral Health Team, including:

Rob Vickers
Malka Friedman
Jeffrey Goodyear
James Russell
Brenda Campbell
Robert Annon
Dr. Oya Soysal
Dr. Karsten Heil
James Reggio

Kim Chavez, Heath Services Agency

Tied Between:
Shannon Shakespeare-Leon

Yvette Tavera

  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by Members of the County Wide Solar Installation Team, including:

William Kersten
Al Galvan
Ben Winkleblack
Kevin Fitzgerald
Robert Collacino
Lt. Fred Plageman

Shared by members of the:
General Services Fleet Services Division:

Jose Rocha
Robert Stovall
Randall Matajcich
Jonathan Rector

Shared by members of the Benefits Team:

Michele Resendez
Rob Yurich
Leticia Preciado
Franchesca Diaz
Tom Melkonian

  Bronze Silver Gold

Michael Sotero, Planning Department

Marty Heaney, Planning Department

Amanda Poulsen, Agricultural Commissioner's Office

  Bronze Silver Gold

Linda Puzziferro, Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter

Tied between:

Shared by members of the Rehabilitation and Reentry Facility Team, including:
Elizabeth Lynberg
Paul Ramos
Kathy Samms
Travis Cary
Karen Wells
Alex Gonzalez
Sheila McDaniel
Laura Hagen
Cynthia Chase
Kurt Corum
Ryan Fisher
Brannon Scianna
Michelle Rodriguez
Ginette Hicks

Shared by members of the Cold Case Investigations Team, including: Morgan Chappell
Henry Montes
Ed Delfin
Tom Corral

Shared by members of the District Attorney's Sexual Assault Unit, including:
Steven Moore
Kelli Freitas
Erika Ziegenhorn
Jason Gill
Conor McCormick