Broadband Survey

Please tell us about your Broadband needs in your home or business!

Broadband (high-speed Internet access) is becoming increasingly vital to our local businesses and residents as being online has become an important part of our everyday lives. From keeping in touch with friends and family via social media and email, to online banking and on-demand television, being connected to Broadband provides a faster more convenient way to access a huge range of services. However, online services only benefit those that can access them and businesses report that slower connection speeds limit efficiency and productivity.

In response, the County of Santa Cruz is seeking information through this short survey to determine/define the Broadband needs of its residents and businesses. Understanding demand for services may be useful information as we work to expand Broadband access in the community.

How to complete this survey

This is a short survey, which should take no longer than five minutes to complete.

  • Please complete only one survey per household or business. (Please click on the links below identified as Residential or Business).
  • You must be aged 18 years or older to take part.

How we will use the information you provide

By completing this voluntary survey you agree to allow the County of Santa Cruz to hold and process all the information you provide to produce statistical information. Results will be used in two ways: 1) locations will be mapped to show unmet needs or demand for higher speed internet, 2) to communicate broadband needs to potential providers. If your location can be mapped, your actual address information will NOT appear on the map. Your participation in this survey does not subscribe participants to new service or create any other obligations, nor does it guaranty that Broadband service will be made available to you or existing speeds will be improved.

We hope that all local residents and businesses will complete the survey to give us the best possible indication of areas of unmet need and increased demand.

Please encourage your friends, neighbors and colleagues to get involved.

Thank you for your support.