2017 Employee Recognition Awards - Health

GOLD - Danny Contreras

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Danny was the first person hired by the Health Services Agency to help implement a new service with County Clinic Services called Medication Assisted Treatment, which is part of a community-wide effort to address the opioid epidemic. When Danny started with the County, he took on the task of understanding what the program consists of, how it should be delivered, and where our program needed to go in terms of providing care for patients. Danny was a key contributor with the development of protocols, procedures, forms, and workflows, and has skillfully navigated challenging situations. He has been a true leader in the development of the program, and its delivery at all County clinics.


SILVER - Shared by members of the Hepatitis A Outbreak Response Team:

  • Barbara Allen- Young
  • Claire Allison
  • Rosemary Anderson
  • Michael Bennett
  • Edna Brandow
  • Brenda Brenner
  • Anita Alvarez
  • Celia Petersen Brown
  • Kennedy Cosker
  • Joseph Crottogini
  • Vanessa de la Cruz
  • Elizabeth Dubois
  • Jorge Fernandez
  • Will Forest
  • Leanne Futch
  • Beatriz Garcia
  • Paula Haller
  • Sarah Harmon
  • Jennifer Herrera
  • Jason Hoppin
  • Corinne Hyland
  • Georgina Ibarra
  • Karen Jones
  • Deborah Kessler
  • Arnold Leff
  • Tara Leonard
  • Lynn Lauridsen
  • Elvira Limones
  • Claudia Llamas- Padilla
  • Sonia Lykins
  • Naomi Lobell
  • Kimlin McDaniel Keith
  • Amy Meza
  • Erika Moule
  • Matthew Nathanson
  • Jessica Oltmanns
  • Tia Paneet
  • Denise Parodi
  • Amy Peeler
  • Jennifer Phan
  • Joseph Phares
  • Joshua Reilly
  • Pamela Rogers- Wyman
  • Irene Romero- Reyes
  • Raquel Ruiz
  • Karen Salazar
  • Suzanne Samson
  • Ruth Shugart
  • Andrea Solano
  • Argelia Soria
  • Andrew Strader
  • Erin Van Dale
  • Arianna Vieyra
  • Connie Wainwright
  • Nancy Willard
  • Shirley Wong
  • Victor Yanez
  • Shaina Zura
  • Sandy Chimienti
  • Stanley Einhorn
  • Theresia Rogerson
  • Yolanda Valencia
  • Justine Wiley
  • Olga Zuniga
  • Jennifer Larkin
  • Jorge Duque


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This past year, the County of Santa Cruz faced a large person to person Hepatitis A outbreak. The Health Services Agency facilitated a coordinated response in order to control and prevent further infections. The 66 members of the Hepatitis A Outbreak Response Team are being honored today for their extraordinary work in teamwork and collaboration with the response efforts. This team ensured that investigations occurred, surveillance was enhanced, vaccines were made available, access to sanitation was increased, and partnerships were established, and eventually, the outbreak was contained. The high level of dedication, collaboration, rapid response, and maximizing of resources led by these staff contributed to the County’s ability to protect the health of our most vulnerable populations.


BRONZE - TIED between members of the Mental Health Liaison Team and Alicia Cortes of the Health Services Agency

Shared by members of the Mental Health Liaison Team, Health Services Agency

Back Row, Left to Right:
Elijah Chance
James Russell
Kurt Churchill
Pamela Rogers- Wyman

Front Row, Left to Right:
Julie Tatowicz
Danielle Long
Reina Valencia-Mendieta

Not Pictured:
Jasmine Najera

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The Mental Health Liaison team is a collaborative partnership between a group of highly skilled professional clinicians, and the three largest law enforcement jurisdictions in Santa Cruz County. These mental health liaisons provide referrals to treatment, and follow up care for individuals in need. Additionally, this team has been responsible for dramatically increasing the education and understanding of law enforcement towards the mental health community and consumers.

Alicia Cortes, Health Services Agency

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Alicia is clerk who manages the mail service for the Health Services Agency. Alicia was instrumental in responding to an emergency that occurred at the Auditor’s office one day. She was able to assist a maintenance staff person who accidentally injured his hand while drilling into a wall. While other staff tried to get the victim to walk out of the office in order to receive treatment, Alicia intervened and had the maintenance staff person lay down on the floor. She then controlled the bleeding while other staff called 911. Her quick thinking and fast response to the emergency was impressive, and reduced pain and injury to the maintenance staff person.