2015 Employee Recognition Awards - Land Use & Regulatory

GOLD - Shared by members of the Housing Division Team, Planning Department

Left to Right:
Julie Conway
Micaela Lopez
Porcila Wilson
Carlos Landeverry

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In light of the dissolution of the State Redevelopment program which provided a significant amount of funding for housing development, the Housing Team revamped the County’s housing program. The team worked to ensure that the housing needs of our community were considered from moderate income homebuyers to people experiencing homelessness. The small team of four Housing Specialists became experts at preparing award winning grants and developing working relationships with local, regional, and state housing advocacy groups and individuals. In addition to managing a complex series of housing and public service programs, the Housing Team routinely provides telephone, internet, and in-person assistance and referrals to more than 750 residents per year. The Housing Team works to creatively address an extraordinary problem faced by the County by the lack of affordable housing is exceptional and deserving of public recognition.

SILVER - Shared by members of the Seacliff Village Park Project Team

Back Row, Left to Right:
Margaret Ingraham
Kim Namba
Jennifer Mead
Jessica Beebe
Mary Chavez

Front Row, Left to Right:
Kathy DeWild
Annie Morris
Sheryl Bailey

Not Pictured:
Gretchin lliff

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The Seacliff Village Park has been on the books since 1997 and was nearly eliminated from the County plans on multiple occasions. The Seacliff team moved the project forward despite monumental setbacks including the lack of a Parks Department, no planners left in the new Parks Division, zero funding and bids coming in over 20% more than estimated. The Seacliff Village team was comprised of many dedicated county employees that truly understand the meaning of the words “public service.” When called upon for tasks that some would say were not theirs, members of the team never hesitated to jump at the chance to contribute and support each other. The Seacliff Village Park Team worked creatively addressing a special problem faced by the County to provide a local community park after 15 years is exceptional and deserving of public recognition.

BRONZE - Carisa Duran, Public Works

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Carisa Duran serves as the Civil Engineer for Public Works Zone 7 Flood Control and Water Conservation District. She has contributed her construction management and leadership skills to oversee the construction of the final section of the County’s Buena Vista Landfill. Carisa’s initial involvement began with the project was to coordinate the disposal of soil that was removed from the Pajaro River Bench Evacuation Project. Carisa’s role expanded as she filled the need of providing construction management at a critical time to ensure the project progressed and stayed on until completion. Carisa’s work was no easy undertaking.The project faced supply delays, wet weather conditions, and unanticipated mitigation of groundwater seep during construction. Carisa’s work to creatively address construction and staffing problems faced by the County is exceptional and deserving of public recognition.