Employee Recognition Awards - 2014

The employees listed below were selected for their personal achievements in 2014.

  Bronze Silver Gold
Sherra Clinton
Maria Bauer
  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by members of the Children's Mental Health Community Clinics Team

Kathy Cytron
Penny Rayas
Kristin Olafson
Reyna Juarez
DJ Somers
Michele Violich
Alma Fregoso

Maria Rosillo David Kramer-Urner
  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by members of the Key Indicator Team

Mark Buxbaum, Information Services Department
Kim Williams, Human Services
Gerry Doan, Human Services
Madeline Noya, Human Services
Frank Richards, Human Services

Teresa Battle, University of California Cooperative Extension

Shared by members of the Property Tax E-Payment Team

Paula Pelot, Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office
Paresh Patel, Information Services Department

  Bronze Silver Gold

Dr. Dana Gleason from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter

Shared by members of the Rountree Demolition Team from the Public Works Department

Robert Leporini, Jr.
Donald Smawley
Genaro Zepeda
Victor Aguirre
Albert Eslit
Michael Bennett

Barbara Mason, Planning Department
  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by members of the Probation Department's Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) Site Visit Faculty Team:

Alicia Ybarra
Julia Feldman
Melinda Sutter
Gina Castaneda
Hugo Calderon
Cesar Estrada
Lisa Ramos
Jose Flores
Jorge Romo
Diane Culcasi
Jorge Cortez
Sara Ryan
Jennifer Buesing
Jennifer Mikkelson
Yolanda Perez-Logan
Christine Bennett
Teresa Gonzalez

Shared by members of the Sheriff's Office and Personnel Department Recruitment and Hiring Team

Lieutenant Kelly Kent, Sheriff's Office
Lisa Marr, Sheriff's Office
Laura Hernandez, Sheriff's Office
Nikki Ottaviano, Sheriff's Office
Liset Vargas, Sheriff's Office
Jacob Cooper, Sheriff's Office
Salina Flores, Personnel Department
Christine McAllister, Personnel Department

Shared by members of the Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team

Sergeant Stefan Fish, Sheriff's Office
Deputy Dustin Silva, Sheriff's Office
Detective Sergeant Peter Hansen, Sheriff's Office
Inspector Mario Sulay, District Attorney's Office
Inspector George Rivera, District Attorney's Office
Deputy Probation Officer Julio Juarez, Probation Department