2013 Employee Recognition Awards - Health

GOLD - Shared by members of the Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health Center Team:

Left to Right:
Joseph Phares
Pam Rogers-Wyman
Gail Jones
Bob Hambelton

This team was responsible for overseeing completion of building construction as well as preparations for program operations associated with the new Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health Center. This extremely detailed project involved work over a period of two and half years and included project management, contract bidding, establishment and management of several contracts, stakeholder communication and public hearings, and budget and fiscal management.

More than 30 action items and budget-related documents were prepared for consideration by the Board of Supervisors, requiring management and administrative support from both program and administrative staff. Intensive collaboration with staff at Dominican and Watsonville Hospitals, ambulance providers, law enforcement, and nonprofit and private providers was also a vitally important part of the project in order to effectively transition the services from Dominican to the new Behavioral Health Center. The opening of this new facility in December 2013 would not have been possible without the outstanding efforts of each member of the team to manage the many components of this important project.

SILVER - Diane Dymesich

As a Lab Assistant/Phlebotomist with the Health Services Agency, Diane has supported the mission of the Clinics Division to provide primary care access to Santa Cruz County residents who receive assistance through publicly-funded programs such as Medi-Cal, as well as for those who are underinsured and uninsured in our community. Diane selflessly promotes harmonious relationships among Lab staff, volunteers for the Syringe Services Program, is an active advocate for the County's patient population within the Health Services Agency, and always treats clients with compassion and respect. Diane facilitates workflows and operations between Clinic staff and Lab staff, which in turn improve patient care, and also monitors and assures timely lab results reporting on behalf of patients and Clinic providers. Diane steps up wherever there is a need and is quick to suggest solutions while most around her are still trying to identify the problem. She is an excellent phlebotomist and a consummate subject matter expert who is patient-centered and empathetic. The Health Services Agency is extremely fortunate to have her as a working expression of how to lead by example.

BRONZE - Asayo Westerly

Asayo has worked as a member of the South County Adult Mental Health team for over 20 years and has consistently been an outstanding employee who typifies the model of Recovery. Asayo recognizes the strength and potential in each client to lead a productive and meaningful life. For the past eight years, she has also made it her personal mission to work collaboratively with the Volunteer Center's Mariposa Wellness Program to create a Thanksgiving feast for mental health consumers, family members, and South County community providers. Asayo serves as the Event Coordinator, arranges for donations of food, gift baskets, and hand knitted hats and scarves, and also schedules volunteers to cook the meal. This past year the event served 300 people in need. Asayo has accomplished all of this while performing her duties as a Mental Health Client Specialist, and her incredible efforts both on the job and on behalf of those in need in our community merit recognition.