Homeowners’ Exemption (Reclamo Para La Exención De Impuestos Prediales De Los Proprietarios de Casas)

If you own a home and it is your principal place of residence on January 1, you may apply for an exemption of $7,000 from your assessed value. New property owners will automatically receive an exemption application. Homeowners’ Exemptions may also apply to a supplemental assessment if the prior owner did not claim the exemption. Call (831) 454-2002 for more information and forms or click here to read an informational brochure. The Homeowners' Exemption form is available here for filling out and printing. La forma está disponible en español aqui.

Disabled Veterans’ Exemption

If you are a disabled veteran who is blind in both eyes, has lost the use of two or more limbs, or is totally disabled as a result of injury or disease incurred in military service, you may be eligible for an exemption up to $150,000 of the assessed value of your home. The Veterans Administration must certify the veteran’s disability. Unmarried surviving spouses of certain deceased veterans may also qualify. Call (831) 454-2002 or click here for additional information.

Institutional, Welfare and Miscellaneous Exemptions

Property used exclusively by a church, nonprofit college, cemetery, museum, school, or library may qualify for an exemption. Property owned and used exclusively by a nonprofit, religious, charitable, scientific, or hospital corporation may also be eligible. To receive the full exemption, an applicant must file completed claim forms by February 15. Call (831) 454-2002 for additional information. Click Welfare or Religious for more information on these two exemptions.

Please call the Assessor's office at (831) 454-2002 for more information on these exemptions:

  • Church
  • College
  • Public School
  • Cemetery
  • Historical Aircraft
  • 4% Commercial Fishing Vessel
  • Free Public Library/Museum
  • Lessor