Please note that Santa Cruz County Code requirements still apply to those who are involved in cannabis-related activities as provided in the sections below. If land use permits, building permits, and the like, would otherwise be required for your cannabis activity (e.g., if vegetation/tree removal or trimming, moving/grading of soil, structural development, etc. require permits) you still must obtain those permits in advance of initiating cannabis activities, even if they don’t require a license with the Cannabis Licensing Office. If you are in doubt about what requires permits, you can contact the Planning Department directly with questions.

Noncommercial Cannabis Activities Not Subject to Licensing Requirements

The following content pertains to noncommercial cannabis cultivation activity. If you comply with the requirements as specified below, you do not require a license to cultivate.

Recreational Use: Cultivation of Cannabis for Noncommercial Recreational Use

The Board of Supervisors has adopted SCCC 7.134 which regulates Personal Cultivation of Cannabis for Non-Commercial Recreational Use. Review this legislation to determine what and where you can cultivate cannabis for your personal use.

Medical Use: Personal Cultivation and Possession of Medical Cannabis

For those in possession of a valid identification card as defined by California Health and Safety Code Section 11362.7, for medical, non-commercial cannabis cultivation, please refer to the following regulations: SCCC 7.124 .

Commercial Cannabis Activities Not Subject to Licensing Requirements

Commercial cannabis production that is not subject to the Cannabis Licensing Office licensing process is limited to cannabis as defined by Health and Safety Code Section 11018.5 within California Business and Professions Code Section 26001(f).