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The Santa Cruz County Strategic Plan for 2018-2024 was approved by the Board in June 2018. A revised planning effort will kick off in 2025. To have your voice included:

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Equity Statement

Equity in action in Santa Cruz County is a transformative process that embraces individuals of every status, providing unwavering support, dignity, and compassion.

Through this commitment, the County ensures intentional opportunities and access, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and belong.

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Community Indicators

Community indicators are the data and trends that we look at to understand the population we serve. Indicators will align with the County's CORE Conditions of Well-Being. Community indicators are currently under development, and will be presented to the Board for consideration in 2024.


Community Results


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1. Comprehensive Health & Safety

A. Health Equity
Promote a safe and healthy community that nurtures body and mind across all ages and social conditions.
See Objectives
B. Community Support
Provide access to food and basic support through integrated health care and social services.
See Objectives
C. Local Justice
Increase public safety through practices, partnerships and transformative opportunities that respect victims and reduce recidivism.
See Objectives
D. Behavioral Health
Support residents and improve community impacts through increased access to integrated mental health, substance use disorder and health care services.
See Objectives

2. Attainable Housing

A. Affordable Housing
Partner to develop affordable housing, lower barriers to housing solutions, and access new funding sources.
See Objectives
B. Community Development
Sustain and rejuvenate communities by integrating places to live, work and play.
See Objectives
C. Local Inventory
Increase and diversify housing options through smart growth programs, adaptive reuse and innovation.
See Objectives
D. Homelessness
Expand services to reduce homelessness and increase housing stability.
See Objectives

3. Reliable Transportation

A. Regional Mobility
Improve road infrastructure and intra-county connectivity, and enhance commuting solutions.
See Objectives
B. Community Mobility
Grow alternative transportation networks, and lower barriers to mobility.
See Objectives
C. Local Roads
Upgrade pavement conditions and road safety for everyone.
See Objectives
D. Public Transit
Work to enhance functionality and promote use of public transit.
See Objectives

4. Sustainable Environment

A. Outdoor Experience
Ensure access to and enhance experience in parks, open spaces, water areas and outdoor activities.
See Objectives
B. Natural Resources
Protect and restore natural resources, including water, air, forests, coastline and agricultural lands.
See Objectives
C. Local Conservation
Support and strengthen efforts for clean air and water, conservation, renewable energy, recycling and reuse.
See Objectives
D. Climate Change
Increase resilience to climate change impacts, including sea-level rise and changing weather patterns.
See Objectives

5. Dynamic Economy

A. Regional Workforce
Create opportunities to develop a quality workforce and increase family-wage jobs in support of the regional economy.
See Objectives
B. Community Vitality
Stimulate vibrant and inclusive economies offering robust shopping, dining, cultural and gathering spaces.
See Objectives
C. Local Businesses
Strengthen and retain small businesses and key sectors through innovation, flexibility and technology.
See Objectives
D. Educational Opportunity
Support partnerships that promote early learning, higher education, and vocational and lifelong studies.
See Objectives

6. Operational Excellence

A. Customer Experience
Provide our customers with equitable access to efficient, effective and culturally responsive services.
See Objectives
B. County Workforce
Attract, grow and retain a diverse, engaged and high - performing County workforce that reflects our community.
See Objectives
C. County Infrastructure
Maximize and responsibly maintain County assets in support of community goals.
See Objectives
D. Continuous Improvement
Embrace innovation and continuous improvement to optimize County operations and maintain fiscal stability.
See Objectives

Theory of Change

The Strategic Plan and Equity Statement are visions of a brighter future for Santa Cruz County. A theory of change is a map or path for how we can achieve that future together.

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Alignment and Partners

The County cannot achieve its vision on its own. We have to align and work together with our government, nonprofit, business, and community partners.

City of Capitola
City of Santa Cruz
City of Scotts Valley
City of Watsonville
Government Agencies
Regional Transportation Commission
Santa Cruz Metro
Santa Cruz County Sanitation District
Soquel Creek Water
Educational Institutions
Cabrillo College
County Office of Education
Business Partners
Chambers of Commerce
Philanthropic Partners
Community Foundation