The performance measurement initiative is interested in program performance. Each program is composed of three elements:

  • Main Dashboard
  • Supporting Dashboards
  • Methods, Limitations, and References Document


A program is an activity, or group of activities, that comprise a common agency, strategy, solution, or service system.


The main dashboard introduces the program and performance measures that show the programs impact.


Supporting dashboards detail specific program components and performance measures that show how much of a component is being done, and how well it is being done.


Every program contains a Methods, Limitations, and References document that details data sources, calculation descriptions, and additional resources used in the development of the program dashboards.


Each program contains several elements that can be explored:

  1. Main Dashboard - Introduces the program
  2. Pagination - Dashboards may contain more than one page. Click on the arrows to move between pages and discover all the data provided
  3. Full-Screen - Click on the arrows to expand the dashboard to full screen to make it easier to read. Press Esc to leave full screen mode.
  4. Information and Interactions
    • Information - If you see an click on it to get more information, including definitions and links to related resources
    • Interactions - Many charts are linked, so that clicking on one column or pie piece will filter other charts on the dashboard
  5. Supporting Dashboards - Click anywhere on these dashboards to open up performance measures specific to program components.
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