Community Restoration Project (CRP)

Also referred as Community Restoration Program and Job Training Mentorship Project, CRP was established by the Probation Department in collaboration with the Santa Cruz County Planning Department, the Public Works Department, and the Community Action Board (CAB) as an alternative to comittment days in the Juvenile Hall.

Seven to ten minors work under supervision each weekend day (and some weekdays in the summer) on community restoration projects such as stream clearance, erosion control, planting, and other activities that benefir the community. A minor works one day on CRP in lieu of spending one day in the Juvenile Hall. This program has been very successful and received an award from the Criminal Justice Counsel of Santa Cruz County for creating effective partnerships to solve juvenile crime problems and strengthen the community.

CAB, in partnership with local business, also operates the Job Training and Mentorship Project. This project provides training, subsidized employment, and mentors for 25 youth who have previously successfully participated in the CRP program. Youth are matched with appropriate local businesses based on their interests and talents. Following successful completion of the training program, the businesses will hire participating staff.