Home Supervision (HSUP)

Home Supervision is used by the Court in lieu of detention in Juvenile Hall. In this program, a Probation Aide supervises minors, seven days a week, in their own homes. Home visits, school visits, and phone calls are made at various times during the day or evening. Each Probation Aide may supervise a maximum of 10 youth at one time. Youth may not leave home except to go to school, work, authorized treatment programs, or other approved appointments if accompanied by their parents. This program normally lasts until final disposition.

Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP)

The Electronic Monitoring Program is a more intensive form of Home Supervision, in that the minors pending court are supervised electronically as well as through personal contact. Minors are fitted with a transmitter attached to their ankle by a strap, and a receiver is attached to the minor's phone. If the minor travels outside of the home, the receiver reports this to a supervision center, which notifies Probation. The minors placed on this program would generally be in the Juvenile Hall pending court hearings, but are deemed to be safely placed at home with the reporting device and intensive supervision by the Probation Aides.

OASIS Detention Alternative Program


Youth Services provides community-based wraparound services appropriate to the individual needs of youth on Home Supervision and Electronic Monitoring. The program assists families and youth during the time period of release from Juvenile Hall detention until the court disposition. Services are targeted to give families an increased understanding of the juvenile court process and the probation system. The primary goals are to assure that the youth attend all court hearings and do not re-offend or violate the Home Supervision or Electronic Monitoring contract. The Youth Services counseling staff and probation staff have weekly case management meetings. Youth Services counselors attend court hearings, make home visits with youth and parents, and provide educational and recreational groups on Friday and Saturday.