Community Indicators

The County vision is a healthy, safe, and more affordable community that is culturally diverse, economically inclusive, and environmentally vibrant. The community indicators presented here are measures of how residents are achieving that vision, established in partnership with the County Board of Supervisors and county residents.

The County’s action plan for achieving its vision can be found here: Operational Plan.

County Demographics

County programs promote a safe and healthy community that nurtures body and mind across all ages and social conditions by meeting basic needs, targeting and addressing disparate results, and partnering for transformative opportunities.
County programs partner to lower barriers to housing solutions, ensure our build neighborhoods support health, work, and community, and grow smartly to increase housing stability.
County programs connect communities, lower barriers to mobility, increase safety, and promote the use of alternative and public transportation.
County programs expand access to incredible open spaces and activities, protect and restore our natural resources, reduce waste and move towards a more sustainable future, and increase resilience to climate change.
County programs create opportunities for jobs that can sustain families, grow vibrant, inclusive gathering spaces, incubate and retain small and growing businesses, and partner to promote lifelong learning.