Planned or unexpected, a power outage can last for days or longer, disrupting communications, water, transportation and more. These tips will help you in preparing for an unanticipated power outage or Public Safety Power Shutoff event.

  • Click here for power outage safety information from The American Red Cross.
  • Have alternative charging devices for phones or anything that requires power.
  • You may lose access to your television, computer, cell phone, and internet service. Have battery-powered and hand-crank radios at the ready to get news, alerts, and advice from authorities. (Check on batteries regularly.) If available you may also use a car radio in a pinch.
  • Backup power can be part of your preparedness plan. Explore your options.
  • A generator can be an important alternative under some conditions, but you must understand proper use.
    • Generators should always be used outside the home.
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when a generator is not working or vented properly.
    • Understand and follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Be prepared if you depend on electricity and battery dependent medical devices and assistive technology!