Dave Reid, Director

Prior to joining the Office of Response, Recovery & Resilience, Dave served as a senior staff member for the First District County of Santa Cruz Supervisor for eight years. Through extensive constituent work, community organizing and coalition building, he helped ensure that our local government served Santa Cruz County residents. Prior to this, Dave worked in Public Works and the Redevelopment Agency, where he gained experience in community engagement, project management and public infrastructure maintenance. As a former research scientist with the USGS with a Masters in Coastal Geology, Dave possesses a comprehensive understanding of the science behind climate change and how our community and local government can prepare and respond to it. In his new role, he seeks to serve the public to recover, adapt, innovate and become more resilient.

Tatiana Brennan, Senior Administrative Analyst

Tatiana received her BA in Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz and her Master’s in Social Welfare with an emphasis on Management, Policy and Planning from UC Berkeley. With a background in planning and evaluation, specifically for government-funded projects in under-resourced and marginalized communities, Tatiana brings a combination of data-driven strategic system design and community coalition-building engagement strategies that promote equitable resource acquisition. With 21 years of experience improving equity in communities, Tatiana is looking forward to working closely with the Santa Cruz community to develop an integrated, adaptive approach to climate change resilience, focusing on those members of our community most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In addition, Tatiana is eager to support CZU August Lightning complex fire families as they rebuild their homes and lives after the traumatic events of August 2020.

Annie Puckett, Associate Administrative Analyst

Annie Puckett is an Associate Administrative Analyst responsible for grants management and other administrative functions in the Office of Response, Recovery & Resilience and helps disseminate public information during emergencies. She lives with her husband and children in Watsonville.

Amanda Gullings, Emergency Services Analyst

Amanda Gullings is an Emergency Services Analyst with the Office of Response, Recovery and Resilience, helping with all aspects of emergency operations including planning, coordination and organizing training exercises for County staff and partners. She has worked in public safety within the Santa Cruz region for more than a decade and is passionate about serving her community. When Amanda isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her son and family, hiking, fishing, traveling, cooking, bicycling and reading.

Clare Peabody, Emergency Services Analyst

Clare Peabody is an Emergency Services Analyst with the Office of Response, Recovery and Resilience, specializing in all-hazards mitigation planning and project implementation to increase County-wide resilience to natural disasters. Clare is a lifelong resident of Santa Cruz County and is passionate about surfing, gardening, playing the fiddle, and public service.