Geologic and Geotechnical (Soils) Report Information


Geologic and Geotechnical (Soils) reports are two different types of reports. This page helps to explain the differences and the various processes and options.

Geotechnical (Soils) Reports are ALWAYS required for new house construction and rebuilds. A geotechnical (soils) report will provide recommendations and design parameters for things like foundations, retaining walls, and grading.

Geologic Reports are typically required when there is a geologic hazard which may affect the life safety of the occupants. Such hazards may include landslides, debris flows, and earthquake faults. Unlike geotechnical (soils) reports, not all projects require a geologic report.

Geologic hazards can greatly affect the ability to rebuild, can be very expensive to deal with, and can add a considerable amount of time to the re-building process. The Geologic Clearance Process is intended to let property owners know as soon as possible whether they are going to need to evaluate geologic issues.

Refer to the Step 4 Pre-Application Clearances for more information about the determination of whether a geologic report is required.

Again, to get started with the Geologic Clearance, click here to self-schedule a consultation and specify “Pre-Application Clearances” when booking your appointment. You can also email or call 831-454-5323.