Communities of Interest Received

Communicating Communities of Interest

While Board of Supervisors members may know a good deal about their districts, a complete picture of COI’s is known only through communications from people like you! This can take the form of public testimony at an Information Session, Public Workshop, or Public Hearing. Notices of upcoming sessions, workshops and hearings will be posted on this website in the Meetings and Hearings section, so refer back to it often.

Members of the public and interested parties are also invited to submit a written description that explains what connects people, and why it’s important that they be kept together. An online form is available to guide people’s narrative, with a tool to map the boundaries of their community, if they wished to include a map with the narrative. People can also simply write a note describing their community and submit it to the Santa Cruz County Advisory Redistricting Commission and the Board of Supervisors.

All submissions are posted online here. Click on each COI mapped to see the narrative description of the community described.