How to Get a Job with Us

Please visit to view current job opportunities, salary and benefit information, apply online, and so much more!

If you do not see the position you are interested in, select the "Notify Me of New Jobs" tab ( Then select the job category/title(s), enter your email address and we will notify you via email when recruitment's open. Your name will remain in the Job Interest System for at least one year.

Job announcements are available online and include salary, job description, requirements, benefits and the deadline date for submitting your application. Should you have additional questions about a specific job opening, please feel free to call the Personnel Department at (831) 454-2600.

Here are a few pro tips and best practices:

  • Review and refer to the job announcement while completing your job application.
  • Be detailed and specific – make sure your employment history demonstrates how your background, training and experience meets our requirements for the position.
  • List your most recent job first and then follow in chronological order.
  • Check your spelling and grammar – they matter!
  • Keep your contact information (email, phone number) up-to-date. Send updated information to:
  • You may apply for as many jobs as you want. However, a separate application must be submitted for each job. You can save time by using the online application system, which allows you to copy information from applications you've already created into new applications.
  • We prefer to communicate via email. Make sure you are able to receive email from us and check your spam folder.

Each application is reviewed by a qualified recruiter/subject matter expert – this is your chance to make a good first impression!

Please read the job announcement carefully. Compare your education, work experience and special skills to the requirements, knowledge and abilities sections.

We will review your application and any other requested materials to determine if your application demonstrates that you meet the requirements as listed on the job announcement. Requested materials may include a supplemental questionnaire, a list of college classes, and/or a copy of your license or certificate. It is very important that everything about you - your education, experience (paid or volunteer), licenses, certificates, and special skills be included on the application so that we can best evaluate your qualifications. Please be specific and detailed as the most qualified applicants will be invited to the examination.

Below is a general overview of our recruitment process:

  1. We receive your online application - an automatic email is sent to you to confirm that your application has been received.
  2. Once the recruitment closes (see deadline), we review all applications received and any additional materials submitted for minimum requirements. The most qualified applicants will be invited to the examination.
  3. You are notified of your application status (accepted or not accepted).
  4. Accepted candidates are notified of next steps.
  5. Examination outcomes are emailed to you. This will include your score and rank.
  6. Based on your score and rank, you may be contacted directly by the hiring manager to schedule an interview.
  7. If you do not receive an invitation to interview for the current job opening, you will remain eligible for future vacancies (the expiration of your eligibility is noted in your examination outcome email).
  8. After your interview, the hiring department will communicate with you directly regarding your interview results and possible next steps.
  9. We will do our best to keep you informed as we navigate through the many steps in the recruitment process – if at any point you’d like to check in, please call (831) 454-2600

There are multiple examination types which may include one or more of the following:

  • Written - timed, multiple choice or true/false examination, on-site.
  • Oral - timed, oral examination with a set of structured questions, rated by 2-5 panel members on-site. This is your opportunity to verbally express your background and experience as it pertains to the job!
  • Performance/Assessment - timed, hands-on exam, on-site.
  • Training and Experience - a qualified recruiter/subject matter expert conducts an evaluation of your training, education, experience and supplemental answers based on the information you provide on your application. No on-site attendance required.
  • Bilingual Skill Assessment - timed, verbal and/or hands-on exam, on-site.

If you have a disability that requires examination accommodations, please contact the Personnel Department at least three (3) days prior to the examination at (831) 454- 2600.

Your examination results are emailed to you approximately two weeks after your examination and will let you know if you were successful in this recruitment. If you were successful in the examination process, the email will include your overall score, rank and the eligibility expiration date. You will be eligible for an interview for future vacancies in this position for a maximum of two (2) years. Based on your score and rank, and other specific requirements of the position, you may be invited to interview by the hiring department.

The interview is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are the best person for the job. The following tips may help you:

  • Review the job announcement and your application to familiarize yourself with the position and with how your qualifications match those required of the position.
  • Practice your interview – role play!
  • Be prompt and dress for the position you have applied for.
  • Have a list of prepared questions.
  • We’re excited to get to know you - try to relax, engage, share your background and experience and enjoy the process!

If a hiring department offers you a conditional offer and you accept, the following topics should be discussed:

  • Compensation
  • Location and work schedule
  • Possible conditional items: clearance of background/physical examination(s), etc.
  • Scheduling of in-processing (orientation) appointment – employment verification documents (ie. I-9, Driver License, etc.)
  • Discuss your availability for your first day of work

A final job offer is contingent upon passing a background check, a medical examination and/or other specific items related to the position.

You may request information regarding your status, the expiration date, and your rank by:

  1. contacting Personnel at (831) 454-2600 or
  2. emailing your request to:

On behalf of the County of Santa Cruz, we thank you for your interest and wish you the best of luck in all of your professional endeavors!

The County of Santa Cruz is an equal opportunity employer.

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