Preparing for a Hearing

General Hearing Information:

When your application is reached in the queue, your application will be scheduled for a hearing before the Assessment Appeals Board. You will receive notice of your scheduled hearing date at least 45 days prior to the scheduled hearing date. This notice will be sent in writing by mail to the mailing address(es) provided on the application for both the applicant and any authorized agent if applicable.

If you have a scheduling conflict on your scheduled hearing date, please note that you may submit a request to have your hearing rescheduled. You are entitled to one matter of right postponement; this request must be submitted at least 21 days prior to the scheduled hearing date to be granted administratively by the clerk. Any additional postponement requests, and any postponement requests submitted within 21 days of a scheduled hearing date cannot be granted administratively and will be forwarded to the Board for their consideration at the scheduled hearing date. To request a postponement, please use the Postponement Request Form, also attached to your Notice of Scheduled Hearing packet.

If at any time during the appeal process you no longer wish to continue your appeal, you can submit a request to withdraw your application. Withdrawal requests can be made in writing or by using the Withdrawal Request Form, also attached to your Notice of Receipt of Application For Changed Assessment and Notice of Scheduled Hearing packet.

Please note that failure to appear at a scheduled hearing date may result in your appeal being denied.

What to Expect During Your Hearing

At your hearing, both you and the Assessor’s Office will have the opportunity to present evidence in support of your opinion of value. The Assessment Appeals Board will then make a determination of value based on the evidence presented during your hearing. Please note that documents attached to your application will not be considered by the Board.

If you wish to have the Board review any supporting documents, they must be submitted, marked and identified as an exhibit during your hearing. To submit an exhibit, you must provide 7 duplicate copies of each document you are submitting.