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Frequently Used Assessor Forms (click here for a list of all Assessor forms)

These forms are in PDF (Portable Document Format) file format. You will need an ACROBAT PDF Reader to fill them out and print them.  You may complete the form on your computer by simply tabbing from field to field or clicking on the various checkboxes.  When you've completed all of the fields you must print the form, sign it, and mail it to the Assessor at 701 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA  95060.  You will not be able to save the "form and the data" as a file on your computer, however, so if you want to retain a copy you should print it twice.  

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1a. Homeowner's Exemption - Exempts $7,000 in assessed value (a $70 per year reduction in taxes) from the principle residence of an eligible homeowner. (See our brochure entitled Homeowner's Exemption under Tax Cycle Information.

1b. Reclamo Para La Exención De Impuestos Prediales De Los Proprietarios de Casas - Se excluye $7,000 del valor asesado (una reducción de $70 cada año) de la residencia principal para los que están elegibles.

2. Preliminary Change of Ownership Report - This document must be completed and filed whenever there is a change of ownership. It's usually filled out in escrow and accompanies the deed when recorded.

3. Notice of Death of Real Property Owner - File this as a Change of Ownership Report when the assessee has died.

4. Authorization to Access Confidential Files - This completed form allows the designated person to view confidential property files in the Assessor's Office.

5. Sworn Statement To Assessor - This affidavit is used to explain the exact circumstances of a transaction so that the Assessor may properly determine whether a particular event is reappraisable or not. .

6. Builder's Exclusion - Excludes new construction from supplemental assessment. (See our brochure entitled Builder's Exclusion under Tax Cycle Information.)

7. Prop 60 Application - Allows persons 55 and older to transfer their base year value to a replacement residence. (See our brochure entitled Proposition 60: Protect Your Prop 13 Base under Tax Cycle Information.)

8. Prop 58 Application - Allows an exclusion from reappraisal for transfers between parents and children. (See our brochure entitled Proposition 58 The Parent/Child Exclusion: "Keeping it in the family" under Tax Cycle Information.)

8a. Prop 58 Instructions for filling out the Parent/Child Exclusion claim form.

9. Grandparent/Grandchild Exclusion - Allows an exclusion from reappraisal for transfers from grandparents to grandchildren. (See our brochure entitled Proposition 58 The Parent/Child Exclusion: "Keeping it in the family" under Tax Cycle Information.)

10. Request for Reappraisal - When the taxpayer believes he/she is being over assessed this form may be submitted to the Assessor's Office so that the current assessed values may be reviewed. (See our brochure entitled Prop 8 Reductions under Tax Cycle Information.)

11. Property Damaged by Calamity or Misfortune - Allows adjustments to assessed value for properties damaged through no fault of the owner. (See our brochure entitled When Disaster Strikes: The Calamity Application under Tax Cycle Information.)

12. Combination/Split Form Request - This is an owner initiated request to combine more than one parcel into a single parcel. (See our brochure entitled Split/Combination/LBA: Where Boundaries Change under Tax Cycle Information.)

13. Business Property Statement - If you are using this form be sure to provide your Account No. (See our brochure entitled Business Property under Tax Cycle Information.)

14. Application For Changed Assessment - This form is used to request an assessment change and is to be submitted to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Assessment Appeals Board. (See also our brochure entitled "These Assessments Are Too High! - What to do in a declining real estate market").

15. Address Change Authorization - Use this form to change the mailing address on your tax bill. It is not used for changing the owner's name.

16. Homeowner's Exemption Termination Notice - use this form to notify the Assessor's Office when you have moved from a property and therefore no longer qualify for the Homeowner's Exemption on that property.

17. Change of Ownership Statement - Resident Owned Mobile Home Park - use this form to report a change in ownership of a mobile home in a resident owned park.


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