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The Business Property section of the Assessor's Office is responsible for tracking and assessing business machinery and equipment in Santa Cruz County. As part of this process we also perform compliance audits and site visits. The primary document used to collect information concerning business machinery and equipment is the Business Property Statement.

Who must file a Business Property Statement?

If you receive a business property statement you must complete it by the date indicated. However, if you own business machinery and equipment costing $100,000 or more you must file a business property statement whether or not one was sent to you. Please call (831) 454-2487 to request a statement or a blank copy can be obtained online at

Filing dates and penalties...

The business property statement summarizes the property you own at lien date of each year. Lien date is January 1 for 1997 and future years. Prior to 1997 the lien date was March 1. The statement is mailed prior to lien date and should be filed by the due date indicated to avoid penalties. Penalties apply for late filing and non-filing.

What types of property are assessed?

Business property subject to assessment includes:

Property not assessed includes licensed vehicles and application software and inventory.

The following property is assessed but not by the Business Property Section. Call 454-2462 for information concerning:

The possessory interests are assessments made for the private use of otherwise non taxable publicly owned property. Examples include boat slips, aircraft hangars, and businesses on the wharf.

The California Constitution makes all property assessable unless specifically exempted. Revenue and taxation laws and regulations define the specific methods and exemptions.

Secured Assessment & Unsecured Assessmentu

Business property may be assessed on the secured or the unsecured tax roll.

What's the basic difference between secured and unsecured?



When are taxes due?




The Assessor's Office is required by law to periodically audit taxpayers having assessable business property valued at $400,000 or more. In addition auditors may audit other taxpayers if such an examination is needed to determine the value and taxability of the property.

How may I obtain additional information?

Additional information, supplied by the California State Board of Equalization, is available here.

You can also call the Santa Cruz County Assessorls Business Property Division at (831) 454-2487 or the Marine & Aircraft Division at (831) 454-2462.

Information and instructions are included with the Business Property Statement.

The Revenue and Taxation Code is available at the County Law Library.

The information summarized above is limited and informational only. It is subject to change and is not intended to include details.

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