All County Objectives

# 145

Sewer Upgrades

Amended due to delays with CEQA permitting and acquiring easements.
By December 2024, the Santa Cruz County Sanitation District will upgrade undersized sewer pipes within the Rodeo Gulch Basin, thus lifting the existing moratorium on new sewer connections.

Key Steps

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Develop the scope of the upsizing project. Perform preliminary engineering design, write a Preliminary Engineer's Report and perform any necessary environmental and geotechnical studies for the project area. Apply for grant/loan funding for the project. Prepare final plans, specifications, and engineer's estimate for the project and receive Board approval. Bid and construct the project. Appeal to the Board to lift the moratorium. Perform preliminary engineering design and write a Preliminary Engineer's Report.
Plan Reference:
4.B.i, 4.D.ii Upgrade Sewer Pipes 48%
This is required to lift the existing moratorium on new sewer connections in the Rodeo Gulch Basin. The undersized sewers need to be upsized to meet current capacity demands.