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County Flood Plan

Amended due late selection of consultant to complete master plan update. Work is currently underway, scheduled for completion in December 2022.

By December 2022, Santa Cruz County Flood Control and Water Conservation District - Zone 5 will develop a Master Plan, Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Impact Fee Program.

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Key Steps

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Develop the scope of the project and issue a Request for Proposals. Hire a consultant to Develop the Master Plan, CIP and Impact Fee Program. Present the Master Plan, CIP and Impact Fee Program to the Board for adoption.  
Plan Reference:
4.C.ii, 4.D.i,  6.C.ii Capital Improvement Program 30%
The Zone 5 Drainage Master Plan update will build on the 1998 and the 2013 master plans with focus on the regional facilities (generally 36 " pipes and larger as well as open channels) in order to develop a maintenance program, a CIP, an Impact Fee analysis for future development, as well as an Engineer's report to be potentially used for future funding or financing of maintenance activities and identified projects.