All County Objectives

# 142

Pajaro River Maintenance

By June 2023 June 2021, Public Works (Zone 7) will develop a permitted Stream Maintenance Program for the Pajaro River and Salsipuedes Creek.

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Key Steps

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Conduct channel surveys and reporting of existing roughness and topography/bathymetry. Conduct channel capacity analysis to assess maintenance needs that support the operations of the existing flood control facility. Develop a maintenance strategy that addresses maintenance needs and is feasible to permit through State and federal agencies. Ensure the maintenance plan is consistent with existing EIR for stream maintenance. Obtain permits to implement maintenance program.
Plan Reference:
1.B.ii, 2.B.ii, 4.C.ii Permitted Stream Maintenance Program 60%
Stream maintenance on the Pajaro River and lower Salsipuedes Creek is essential to flood risk reduction in the City of Watsonville and nearby unincorporated areas, including the agricultural lands of the lower Pajaro Valley. A permitted stream maintenance program ensures that habitat enhancement and responsible river stewardship can be coupled to maintenance activities.