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Pretrial Healthcare

By June 2025, Probation will connect 40 percent of uninsured pretrial clients to the Medi-Cal application process.

Key Steps

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Partner and meet with Health Services and Sheriff's Office to develop a process to ensure all pretrial clients who are Medi-Cal eligible are afforded the opportunity to apply for Medi-Cal services. Work directly with pretrial clients to educate and facilitate their use of tablets to formally apply for Medi-Cal through the process developed across departments. Collaborate with Health Services, Sheriff's Office, Court and community-based organizations to publicly distribute information regarding access to apply for Medi-Cal services. Gain access to Eligibility Verification System to identify an individuals Medi-Cal status.
Original End Date:
Baseline: Progress:
6/30/2025 Connect 40%(172) of uninsured pre-trial clients to Medi-Cal 0 0% (9)