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Data Sharing

By June 2025, Probation will implement automated information exchanges between court and public safety partners to facilitate real time data sharing that drives recommendations, decision making and access to supportive services to improve equitable pretrial releases and outcomes for individuals.


Key Steps

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Create a workgroup with court and public safety partners to explore avenues, software needs or capacity to increase information exchanges that facilitates pretrial recommendations, information sharing and increased releases. Work directly with court and public safety partners to select software that will support current and future innovations or increase the capacity of existing software platforms to launch and select a pilot date range. Implement new Pretrial Case Management System (AIMS) to facilitate case management and up to date data and performance measurements Train staff on new system(s) to utilize shared data for decision making.
Original End Date:
Baseline: Progress:
6/30/2025 Create automated information exchange between Superior Court and public safety partners 0 40%