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Shelter and Evacuation

By June 2024, OR3 will develop three sites as "community resilience centers" (CRCs) and apply for at least one grant to fund development of CRCs to build resilience capacity for community and vulnerable populations impacted during extreme weather or disasters.

Key Steps

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Update County Operational Area Emergency Management Plan, including criteria for activation of warming centers. Identify and apply for grant funding to install all-hazard resilience equipment. Conduct a resource study of library facilities to determine the infrastructure necessary for all-hazard community resilience centers, including, but not limited to air filtration, HVAC (air conditioning), and back-up power. Develop a Memorandum of Understanding with Santa Cruz Public Libraries.
Original End Date:
Baseline: Progress:
6/30/2024 Develop 3 sites as community resilience centers 0 75%