All County Objectives

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Broadband Master Plan

By December 2023, Information Services will conduct focus groups in South County (inclusive of Day Valley and Corralitos), San Lorenzo Valley, Davenport, and the Santa Cruz Mountains to inform the County’s Broadband Master Plan that will prioritize expanded internet access.

Key Steps

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Perform gap analysis identifying areas of greatest need for affordable internet within County, gathering input from residents, community organizations and service providers. This includes underserved non served in South County, San Lorenzo Valley, Davenport and Santa Cruz Mountains. Publish report including high level design and funding recommendations to address identified needs for available and affordable access to internet. Seek appropriate funding (Grants) from the state and federal programs as well as partner with regional providers to expand broadband in areas identified in the analysis. Continue to evaluate new wireless communications technologies, and their application in the county's underserved areas.
Original End Date:
Baseline: Progress:
12/31/2023 Conduct focus groups in 4 target areas 0 100%