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Unhoused Income

By December 2025, Human Services, in collaboration with community partners, will increase to 50 percent the percentage of households experiencing homelessness enrolled in programs tracked by the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) that receive income from any source.

Key Steps

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Conduct HMIS user training and education regarding updating client income over time. Link HMIS users with Benefits Collaborative hosted by Employment and Benefits Services. Launch expansion of Social Security Income (SSI) advocacy efforts. This will include working with the Employment and Benefits Services Division and Social Security Administration to expand access to public benefits for program participants. Develop employment and education outreach plan to agencies serving unhoused individuals in partnership with Workforce Development Plan team.
Original End Date:
Baseline: Progress:
6/30/2025 Increase households experiencing homelessness earning income by 50% 30% 265% (83%)