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Links to Care

By June 2025, HSA-Behavioral Health will assess 90 percent of all Medi-Cal beneficiaries requesting specialty services for mental health and/or substance use disorder who are not currently receiving services, and link for unmet needs with mental health, substance use, primary care, and dental care.

Key Steps

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Identify substance use disorder and mental health current workflows. Add needed reporting fields related to level of care and linkage to primary and dental care into the electronic health record. Develop and implement training plan on using level-of-care tool and steps for closed loop linkage to needed care including documentation and billing for services, implement changes, measure impact and troubleshoot if needed to ensure success. Provide staff training and support for implementation.
Original End Date:
Baseline: Progress:
6/30/2025 Assess 75% of eligible clients not enrolled in services 0 0% (20%)