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Behavioral Health Care

Transitioning clients when they are ready advances their recovery and opens up treatment capacity for new clients who are experiencing acute behavioral health needs.
By June 2025, HSA-Behavioral Health will develop and operationalize a plan to utilize the CalAIM transition tool to transition clients to lower levels of care, as indicated by improved client outcome measures.

Key Steps

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Assess progress/outcome reports that exist and/or develop standards for care based on level of care and other CalAIM tools. Develop work plan to utilize existing outcome reports and/or standards for care to determine when existing clients need to be transitioned to lower level of care. Train staff to use standard of care and/or existing outcome reports to identify clients in need of transition to lower level of care and how to facilitate the transition. Analyze impact of services from warm hand off to new providers.
Original End Date:
6/30/2025 Develop tool to transition clients to lower levels of care 35%