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Performance Management

By June 2025, the County Administrative Office will co-lead 20 performance management demonstration projects using standard project/program vocabulary, management, and data and reporting, involving at least 140 County staff, including 50 percent from non-supervisory roles.

Key Steps

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Develop project pipeline to collect and prioritize project ideas. Sources for projects include Operational Plan, Climate Action and Adaptation plan, Results Count cohort projects, Greenbelt cohort projects. Standardize project work by refining and establishing templates, creating clear roles and expectations, and documenting progress. Train 10 project facilitators in year 1 to increase capacity for supported projects, and establish inter-departmental project teams to increase collaboration and alignment of County work. Standardize data visualization practices for internal (physical and digital) data dashboards, and continue to develop public facing dashboards that spur questions around key policy issues.
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6/30/2025 Lead 270 performance management projects 0 0% (25)