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Capacity Building

By June 2025, Human Services will provide 90 CORE Institute events targeting organizations that serve underrepresented populations to support cross-sector collaboration and systemwide application of the CORE Investments framework and tool with an equity lens.

Key Steps

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Identify public and private funding to support ongoing training and technical assistance through the CORE Institute for Innovation and Impact. Identify trainers, including local resident leaders, and establish agreements. Topics may include (but are not limited to) the Results Menu and Promising Practices library on DataShare, racial equity, collective impact, equitable funding practices, data and evaluation, community engagement and leadership. Administer survey to measure knowledge, attitudes, and application of the CORE Investments framework, concepts, and tools among representatives of public agencies, non-profit agencies, community-led advocacy groups, and the private sector.  
Original End Date:
Baseline: Progress:
6/30/2025 Provide 90 CORE events 90 0% (20)