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Permit Review

By June 2025, CDI-Planning will increase to 85 percent the number of building residential permits meeting review time goals, which will benefit the public and staff by expediting the permitting process.

Key Steps

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Evaluate data entry process in the permit tracking software for completeness and accuracy to establish a baseline monthly metric program for residential building permits, including percentage of building permits meeting goal review times, average number of reviews for issued permits, staffing levels and work type/permit type classifications. Review established internal processes for policy, procedural, and productivity improvements. Examples: Submission Checklists, Greenlining plans, deferring certain corrections to inspections, review prioritization policy for 2+ routings, anticipate seasonal/annual fluctuations in building permit application volume. Provide training and education materials to staff and the public in order to implement processes identified in Key Step 2. Establish policy and procedures for cyclical surges in building permit submissions, staffing challenges, and building code changes. Implement department-wide metrics sharing program. Measure, monitor, and compare metrics after implementation of identified process and procedural improvements to confirm increase in percentage of building permits meeting review time goals. Continue to track and identify places for improvement.
Original End Date:
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6/30/2025 Meet 85% of review time goals 0 0%