All County Objectives

# 351

Housing Element

By December 2023, CDI-Planning will submit the proposed Housing Element to the State for certification, with recommendations from a community panel that includes those most burdened by the housing crisis.


Key Steps

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Develop a community outreach and engagement plan to facilitate inclusive and equitable public input in developing the 2023 Housing Element. Create a "Community Panel" made of residents who are reflective of the County's demographics, including race, age, owner/renter status, and those who have been affected by the housing crisis. Conduct a deliberative engagement process with the Community Panel to study and highlight housing policy needs, barriers to housing, and locations/strategies for potential new housing developments. PreSubmit the adopted Housing Element reflective of Community Panel input to the State Department of Housing and Community Development by December 2023.
Original End Date:
Baseline: Progress:
12/31/2023 Community panel reflects 90% local housing, geographic, and race/ethnicity demographics 0 100%