All County Objectives

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Final Map Approval

By June 2025, CDI-Planning will bring draft code amendments, and/or resolutions to the Board of Supervisors to streamline the process for filing a parcel map or subdivision map for properties within the Urban Services Line.

Key Steps

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Establish a multi-disciplinary group of CDI staff and other key county staff involved in the parcel map process. Evaluate information obtained by the group and identify process improvements, code amendments, and/or other procedural steps necessary to eliminate delays, excessive costs, extra procedural steps, and/or those requirements in excess of state law. Draft code and/or general plan amendments needed to implement proposed process improvements. Present proposed process improvements and draft amendments and/or resolutions to the Board of Supervisors for adoption.
Original End Date:
6/30/2025 Streamline approval process for parcel/subdivision map 20%