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Subdivision Approval

By June 2025, CDI-Planning will reduce by 50 percent the delay in final subdivision map approval process for creation of five or more parcels or condominiums.

Key Steps

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Review current county codes and procedures, and state and/or local regulations to identify what changes are needed to allow the Board to delegate authority to approve final maps to the CDI Director or his/her designee, with the map placed on the consent agenda after filing to provide public notice. Review processes and codes of other local California jurisdictions for examples of how this is done. Draft code amendments and/or resolutions as needed to implement proposed process improvement. Present project and draft documents to the Planning Commission and/or Board as necessary. Submit final amendments and/or resolutions needed to Board of Supervisors for adoption.
Original End Date:
Baseline: Progress:
6/30/2025 Reduce subdivision map approval time 50% (125 Days) 250 Days 0%