All County Objectives

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# 348

Website Redesign

By June 2025, CDI-Planning will redesign its website to provide easy access to information, assistance, and services through a functional and engaging web and mobile experience, reducing by 15 percent the number of clicks required to reach desired destination and decreasing by 15 percent the bounce rate.

Key Steps

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Work with website designer to analyze user’s journey and places for improvement. Create a clear website structure that allows the user the ability to navigate quickly and easily using language and images that are easy to understand. Include the ability to translate to other languages and meet ADA requirements. Gather and curate content to better communicate with the community and provide an online Permit Center, providing simple pathways to content and self-service tools. Deliver newly designed website, tools and working files to Information Services for implementation. Create customer satisfaction link on the website for feedback.
Original End Date:
Baseline: Progress:
6/30/2025 Reduce bounce rate by 15% 0 30%