All County Objectives

# 7

Vacation Rental Tax

Progress impacted by COVID-19. Budget constraints created by the economic impact of the pandemic may result in further objective delays or discontinuing work. Departments will complete this analysis for the December 2020 update.
By June 2020, the Auditor-Controller will increase identification of vacation rentals not paying sufficient transient occupancy tax (TOT), and perform at least five additional desk audits to increase TOT compliance and revenues.


Key Steps

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Expand agreement with short-term rental host monitoring vendor to identify non-reporting vacation rentals for unincorporated county. Reallocate a clerical staff to provide support; free audit staff up to increase TOT desk audit time. Complete five desk audits. Complete five desk audits. Report the status and progress on TOT audits and collections with five-year comparison statistics to the Board.
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Baseline: Progress:
6.D.i CAO, ISD 5 Audits 0 100% (5)